It’s a bit of jolt to drop yourself back into your office and regular routine after
a few days of sun, friends, family, and relaxing.

Sure, it was only a three-day weekend but it was a significant one: the unofficial start of summer, potentially your skin’s first evidence of sun, and the sobering reminder that freedom comes at a price.

But now it’s Tuesday and your Inbox has been waiting patiently for you, growing steadily as it waits…

Here are a few simple things to help keep the good times going in the face of deadlines, playing catch up, and reentering the “real world.”

Eat Lunch Outside

Going from natural lighting to fluorescents is just plain depressing.  Don’t just sit there and take it!  Grab lunch outside, or if there is no convenient outdoor location, take a quick 10-minute walk around the building.  Your eyes, brains, and creativity will thank you.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I know.  People say this all the time.  But have you noticed that when on vacation people (you and me included) are more relaxed, patient, and less easily aggravated?  Then we get back in the car the morning after vacation and suddenly the whole world is out to get us.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the world is not, in fact, out to get us.  Perhaps it’s our own attitude that has changed?  So treat the small stuff for what it is, small.


If you were able to truly relax over the holiday and take your mind off of work, the first day back is disorienting. A bit like, “Hello!  Welcome Back.  What am I doing here again?”  While the day before a holiday-weekend is a great time to write the two or three things you most want to accomplish when you get back in the office post-holiday, if you didn’t get a chance to do that, do it now.  What are the few (don’t go crazy down an overwhelming, unattainable list of tasks!) things you most need to accomplish this week?


And if your skin is a little tender from its first foray in the summer sun, try Infinite Aloe.  I was introduced to it by my MIL and I love it.  This lotion takes the red away faster than regular aloe, doesn’t leave you sticky, and leaves you with super soft skin.  I got a little carried away this weekend and will be slathering on a fresh application as soon as this post is published. :-)

Welcome Back! Cheers to a productive week.