Signature Style Makeover Winner: Jonathan

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I feel like there is a misconception about makeovers.  A lot of people think that makeovers are about changing a person to fit into a certain mold, but that is not at all the case.  Makeovers are about enhancing a person’s existing qualities, traits, and features.  That is what made this makeover so much fun!

Meet Jonathan.  Jonathan is a triathlete who through intentional nutrition and intense workouts lost 45 pounds over the last year and a half (anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that deserves HUGE Kudos!).  He has a wonderful sense of humor, a quirky, charming wit, and had a great job.  Jonathan has all the makings of a great catch!  l know I have the attention of all the ladies out there.


So, this makeover was all about using some style to bring out and showcase his best attributes.  And, if I do say so myself, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! But before we get to the end product, let’s talk about how we got there.

We started with a closet makeover.


While we were able to keep and work with many of Jonathan’s pieces (like his fun and funky vintage tees), some things had to go. Jonathan was still hanging on to a lot of clothing from before his weight loss.  Guess what? Wearing big clothes makes you look big. Jonathan worked so hard to get into shape, I wanted to make sure we could see the results of his amazing effort!

Also, Jonathan’s closet was not conducive to making good style decisions.  Here’s an often overlooked tip:  Organize in the way you dress. Tops should be on the top, pants on the bottom, shoes on the floor.  Your eye can more easily process and decide on what to wear if it’s already in the order in which you put it on!

We also got rid of the hodge-podge, mismatched, mess of hangers.  Why?  All of those different colors make it really difficult to focus on your clothing.  None of us need any additional distractions when making clothing decisions in the morning!

Signature Style Makerover Contest

Lastly, we found an attractive way to display and store Jonathan’s extensive hat collection.  Jonathan LOVES his hats, and because he spends a lot of time outside, they are an important part of his wardrobe.  Displaying them gave his closet a facelift, but also helps maintain the shape of the hats!


After shaping up his closet, we were ready to move onto the task of harnessing and refining Jonathan’s unique style.  We started with the hair and beard.  Working with talented hair stylist Travis Player, we gave Jonathan a sporty, low maintenance cut and opted for NO BEARD!  Jonathan has a great jaw line and smile that was hidden behind his facial hair.



Although he went for more a business casual look in this picture, with a custom button down contributed by J. Hilburn and updated AG jeans, don’t worry, we are keeping lots of Jonathan’s funky vintage tees.  However, he now knows how to class them up with a well-placed blazer or vest.  And to make sure that he doesn’t lose his fun personality in his new sophisticated ensemble-say hello to the first pair of crazy socks in what I hope will be a
new collection.

Again, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Jonathan.  He is one of the coolest guys you could ever hope to meet—inside and out.


Photos: AzulOx Photography and Biyani Photography
Hair: Travis Player
Shirt: White/Purple/Navy Bold Check Custom Shirt c/o Linda Halla and Mindy David with J. Hilburn
Jeans: AG Protege Jack via J. Hilburn
Shoes: Steven Madden Pawnce @ DSW
Socks: Sock It to Me (available @ DSW)

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