Last week I had the pleasure of styling some lovely baby bumps for a maternity fashion segment on Great Day Houston.  Seven months in to my first pregnancy, I was happy to share a few style tips that work for the expecting and non-expecting among you.  CLICK HERE to view the full segment!  Maternity shopping and style tips after the video!

Signature (Maternity) Shopping Tips to Remember:

  1. Start early.  You don’t have to start buying early but it’s helpful to see what’s out there!
  2. Don’t buy everything all at once.  Whether you’ve been pregnant before or this is your first, you just don’t know how you will grow.  It is no fun to buy a bunch of pieces that barely last you through month six!
  3. Shop smart. You are going from a closet of hundreds to a closet of 50 pieces max.  You need basics, versatile pieces, and pieces that tie it all together.
  4. Consider cost-per-wearing.  While one non-maternity dress may be worn once or twice in a season, you’ll wear these pieces more often simply because you have less to wear!
  5. Stay true to your personal style. You knew I was going to say that – always. :-)
  6. Buy on-trend but not trendy pieces.  Who knows, you may be wearing these pieces again after this pregnancy!
  7. Be creative.  Reinvent pieces in your existing wardrobe to style your new body.  Example, this skirt as a shirt combo.

Signature Style Great Day Houston Maternity Segment Skirt As a Top

Huge THANK YOU to Karen at Nine Maternity and Dawn at Pickles and Ice Cream for providing the models’ stylish outfits!  Stop in and tell them Natalie sent you. ;-)

Shop the Models’ Looks

Maternity Segment Models

The moms and moms-to-be after the segment.

Prepping behind the scenes.  Photo courtesy of Andrea Stewart.

Prepping behind the scenes. Photo courtesy of Andrea Stewart.

What I’m Wearing

Dress: Olian via Pickles and Ice Cream; Boots: Via Spiga; Necklace: Me&Ro (similar)