It’s sunglasses season! Know which styles are the right sunglasses for your face shape? Know a quick way to determine your face shape (hint: no measuring required)?

Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be life changing. They can make you instantly look more sophisticated and put together. They can even become a signature accessory (Jackie O anyone?).

How to Find the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape Personal Stylist Houston ABC 13

To help you find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape, Rebecca Spera with ABC 13 invited me to share my tips! Click below to see the quick info-packed segment and styles you can try right now.

So many great tips so little time! I know I threw a whole lot of style examples at you in rapid fire. Don’t know exactly what I meant?

The secret to looking fantastic in this very prominent accessory is to balance proportions. Now that you know how to find your face shape (thank you markers and a mirror!), and know what kind of style best fits your face shape, here are some examples of each that are hot right now.


This iconic 80s style, thank you Tom Cruise, is best for round, oval, and heart shape faces.



These throwback styles work with square and oval faces. True 70s styles and oversized frame versions are the most on trend right now!




Butterfly frames are probably the newest shape available. They are also one of the more universally flattering styles. The shape has, as the name implies, a butterfly wing effect and are best for square, oval, and heart shaped faces.

BestSunglassesForYourFaceShape BestSunglassesforYourFaceShape BestSunglassesforyourfaceshape


Sigh. Aviators. The style I can never get to work with my round (and growing more round every week as we approach baby #2’s due date) face. These effortlessly California-chic shades are best on square and oval shaped faces.

BestSunglassesForYourFaceShape_NatalieWeakly_SignatureStyle_Aviator_Raybanbestsunglassesforyourfaceshape_natalieweakly_SignatureStyle_aviator_LillyPulitzer  BestSunglassesforYourFaceShape_NatalieWeakly_SignatureStyle_Aviators_TomFord


Round faces rejoice! The square frame styles are the best sunglasses for your face shape.

BestSunglassesforyourfaceshape_natalieweakly_SignatureStyle_Square_Chanel BestSunglassesForYourFaceShape BestSunglassesforyourfaceshape


These retro-vibed shades  join butterfly frames in their nearly universally flattering shape. Cat-eye frames best complimenting round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.


BestSunglassesForYourFaceShape_NatalieWeakly_SignatureStyle_CatEye_KateSpade  bestsunglassesforyourfaceshape_natalieweakly_signaturestyle_cateye_stellaMccartney

I mentioned this in the video but it’s worth repeating. Colorful lenses and frames are a huge trend right now. If you love it, go for it! Just remember to keep your best colors/coloring in mind – your face is your money maker after all. ;-)

I recommend investing in the classic styles but for those wanting to try some trend shades while being friendly on the wallet, check out this sunglasses subscription service I just learned about from friend and fashion blogger, Dede at Dress Up Buttercup. She was rocking a fantastic pair of head-turning blue Oscar de la Renta’s yesterday. I might have to sign up myself…

What face shape do you have? Did you hesitate for a sec wondering if the marker really would come off of the mirror (I typically use a regular marker but dry erase marker is the safest choice!)? Which styles are your favorites?! Sound off in the comments or join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.