Who loves vacation?! {Everyone raises their hands} Who loves packing?! {Crickets} It’s the last obstacle standing between you and vacation bliss. Let’s make it easier, shall we? After all, you’re going to take more photos than usual, possibly attend a few events, and forgetting to pack your favorite pair of sunnies or the shoes that go with that perfect evening outfit is the worst.

I had the pleasure of appearing on Charleston morning show Low Country Live recently to share tips on how to make it easy to pack for vacation (kids included). How to Pack for Vacation Image Consultant Charleston Natalie Weakly TV Segment

Whether you have end-of-summer travel plans or are already planning for the fall, these tips will help take the guesswork and stress out of packing! Click through for full video and additional tips we didn’t have time to cover on air.

There is nothing better than being able to get away for a little while. Although traveling can sometimes be stressful, it does not have to be. The better prepared you are, the more at ease you will be if something goes wrong. Tons of tips are jammed into this segment!

How to Pack for Vacation

There are several ways you can optimize your packing job, and plan for any fashion emergency:

  • If you forget to bring a clothes steamer and the hotel does not have a iron that you can borrow, you can still steam your clothes. When you turn on water to take a shower, place your garment somewhat near (but not too close!) the shower, and the wrinkles will fall right out.
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding them. This helps prevent them from getting wrinkled, and will give you much more packing space.
  • Always add your bulky sweaters and jeans last. Placing your small items in the bag first allows you to fit more in your bag.

Must Pack Beauty Items/Lifesavers

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Humidity Resistant Hairspray (Bamboo)- This spray keeps your hair fresh in even the most humid of climates (Charleston qualifies!). It can also be used to speed dry your nail polish, and as an emergency insect spray.

Daily SPF (Clarins) – Sunscreen is the best anti-aging product available. Whenever you travel, you are usually in the sun more (especially when flying – true story). This product is oil-free and won’t clog your pores, and protects you from the suns harmful rays.

Lip Balm: (Khiel’s)- Air travel dries out your lips. This cult favorite heals your lips and gives them some shine. It can also be used to tame hair fly-aways, heal dry cuticles, and be used as an eye makeup primer.

Dry Shampoo: (Drybar) Who has time to fix their hair every day on vacation?! Dry shampoo not only prolongs your style by soaking up oil, it adds volume and texture. It can also be used to cover roots, remove oil stains, and even as deodorant!

Thinking through the perfect travel outfit? Opt for something both comfortable and stylish. Yes, stilettos look fabulous, but pain is inevitable. Wedges, boots, and flats are your best footwear options. Some nice breathable palazzo pants are a great option and look amazing paired with a drapey blouse. It looks elegant and is still simple enough for traveling.

What to Wear on a Plane Personal Stylist Natalie Weakly Signature Charleston Low Country Live

What travel plans do you have in the works? What are your go-to travel tips that help you stay sane while packing? Comment below or join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy Travels!