I am so excited about the holiday season this year! It’ll be a bit more challenging dragging two tiny interns to all the excitement but I’m willing to give it a go. ;-)

The holidays mean parties and before I launch into my actual gifting guides I wanted to share some fun hostess gift ideas for the host/hostess who has worked hard to put together a fabulous fete to enjoy the season!


Click through for more a ton of options to bring to your next party.

So many hostess gift options! Details and shopping links below. Those of you in Houston can find several of these items at the “gift-giving mecca” Kuhl-Linscomb (because #shoplocal).

Hostess Gift Ideas


  1. I have several Donna Hay cookbooks, including this New Classics version, and love them all. It’s the most delicious and beautiful cookbook ever! Perfect for using or displaying.
  2. A hostess can never have too many lovely serving platters!
  3. A bottle of wine is common, this stylish fur wine bag is not.
  4. You and dozens of others are about to descend on your host’s guest bathroom. A little gift to keep things well stocked… Caldrea is one of my favorite hand soaps (I have four scents currently in use at home) and I love this limited edition scent.
  5. Because guys throw parties too! Love these super absorbent felt coasters.
  6. These are the coolest! Infused ice cubes pre-mixed to pair with your favorite spirit or seltzer for an instant artisan cocktail. I tried “The Clyde” with Berry La Croix this week – delish!
  7. I’m a huge fan of conversation cards, especially when hosting dinner for people who may not know each other well or those you’ve seen way too many times and need some new topics. ;-) These conversation starters are great and come in a dozen different editions.
  8. Paper coasters are the perfect way to stay on trend without a huge commitment and you know your host will use them at some point! Love this Rifle Paper Co set (and this Kate Spade set too!).
  9. Such a huge fun of the Stylish Life book series! Hostess (or someone one your Christmas list) love skiing, golfing, tennis, etc? These books are nostalgic glimpses of hobby style through the decades and countries.
  10. While the hostess will most likely want to secret this creme brulee-coated deliciousness away in their private stash, it’s always nice to an extra something to share should the food run out!
  11. Maybe there are more than dozens descending on the guest bathroom! You can never have too many soaps and all three scents of these soaps smell AMAZING.  Bonus: they come beautifully wrapped – because presentation matters. ;-)
  12. For the day after when the host’s home is not full of delicious food smells, this Dyptyque candle is scented with ginger, honey, and star anise. Christmas in smell form.

And if you aren’t sure what to wear to said party, here are a few suggestions when decoding the holiday dress codes.

What are your favorites?! What has been the best hostess gift someone has given you? Share below or join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook!

More gift guides coming soon!