What better time to start accessorizing the color of the year (Greenery) than right before St. Patricks Day?! I had the chance to talk Pantone’s Color of the Year Greenery twice on Houston Life recently and on the second segment, I showcased several ways to bring the color into all areas of your life, including accessories. This lively green might seem a tad intimidating to wear, but it can be easily added to your wardrobe! Pantone Color Of The Year Greenery Houston Life TV Segment Personal Stylist Houston Signature Style
Greenery is a creamy bright green that adds a breath of fresh air to any look and works great as an accent color. Finding the right shade of green is important so you can rock the color with confidence. True Greenery looks fabulous on those with deep and warm coloring. Those with cool, light, and clear cooling look great in candy apple green. While Verbena green looks best on those with soft coloring.

Bringing Green into Your Life

Working Green In With Accessories 

Green is a primary color that should have a place in your closet, makeup drawer, and home decor. If this seems too daunting, try gradually adding pops of it in your style.

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Green Beauty Must-Haves

Greenery_Natalie Weakly_Stylist_Beauty

You may be questioning what green makeup is doing in the industry, but it actually has many benefits. If you suffer from acne, eczema, rosacea, or any other type of skin redness, you might want to consider purchasing a green facial primer and/or concealer. The green pigment cancels out redness and can be worn under any foundation and traditional concealer. Green eyeliner can be great for a night out and an easy way to define your eyes. Advertisers even use green packaging because they know it will catch your eye.

Greenery Accessory Must-Haves

Natalie Weakly_greenery_accessories_image consultant

You’ll definitely see green accessories popping up more and more in the weeks to come. From bright statement earrings to embroidery detail, this color is definitely taking the spotlight. You can easily wear these pieces with blue, black, brown, coral red, white, and bright pink (just to name a few). Adding these fun accents will bring more color to your look, while still maintaining a sophisticated appearance.

Greenery Home Accents

Greenery_Natalie Weakly_Stylist_Home

Greenery looks irresistibly fresh, which is why it is why chefs love to use it so much in their cooking color palettes. You can get the same effect in your entertaining events and dinner parties by featuring it in your table linens, centerpieces, stemware, table accents, and serve ware. Side Note: It pairs impeccably well with gold, plum, burgundy, and gray.

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Huge thank you to Genie Mack (available a Renovate Houston) and ATak Crafts for providing most of the jewelry for the segment, Save My Bag for providing handbags, House of Hough for providing table linens, and Rooted Garden for the florals.

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Photography by: Alyssa and Michelle of Cotton Weddings 

What are your thoughts on the color? Ready to add it in to your wardrobe? Nervous about it? Comment below or jump over to Facebook and Instagram to chat about working it in!