Happy Valentine’s Week! What colors are you wearing today? The colors we wear influence our mood and the way others react to us.  It’s the month of reds, pinks, whites. I was on Houston Life last week sharing all the details on the psychology of red, white, and pink and when to strategically work them into your wardrobe. Click through for full video and tips.  



Psychology of Style – Red, White, and Pink


Everything we wear influences us and those around us. The styles we wear, the way we mix our wardrobe, and the colors we wear have an impact too.


How much of an impact really? It’s all in how much you wear – a red belt is not going to have the same impact as a full red dress for instance.  And the influence will generally be more impactful in most where people are paying the most attention – your morning interaction with the mirror (lol), work, presentations, headshots/photos, and meeting one-on-one with people.


Psychology of Red, White, and Pink Image Consultant Houston on Houston Life with Derrick Shore Courtney Zavala and Natalie Weakly


I was on Houston Life with Derrick Shore and Courtney Zavala sharing my recommendations on how to work this color into your wardrobe.

Click here for the full segment video. Breakdown of each color and additional thoughts below – because heaven forbid I actually remember all the tidbits I want to share when we’re LIVE!




The color of passion, energy, life, power, and love! Red is the first thing the eye goes to and has the visual weight to remain a mainstay in our “power color” repertoire.


So when should you wear it? When you need an energy jolt! Or your audience needs some reviving. If you are presenting a dry topic (hello stats and financials mtg. zzz), red is a great color to wear. A few times you might also want to wear red? When you’re feeling insecure. Feeling nervous to stand in front of the crowd and deliver your content? Nervous meeting this person for the first time? Red is a bold color and speaks confidence for you.


But, it’s not all boldness and roses. Sometimes you should avoid red.


When you’re presenting a controversial topic where emotions are already high. Or, when it highlights a “problem area.” Want to minimize fuller hips and thighs? Don’t wear red pants! Wear a red top and draw the attention up and away from them!


Wearing red from head-to-toe of course doesn’t draw attention to any one area, it just draws attention to you. Hello, Lady in Red.


Psychology of Red, White, and Pink Image Consultant Houston Killer Red Dress




On the nearly opposite side of the emotion and psychological influence of red is white. Known for conveying innocence, purity, cleanliness, and lending a sterile and spacious quality to home décor and a modern, sharper look in our wardrobe, white is a necessity in every closet.


When should you wear it? When you want to come across as modern and sophisticated.


White gives whatever it’s on the appearance of being bigger. So if your tummy is your problem area and you are wearing a white sheath with long black trench over it, it’s going to be less flattering than if you were wearing a black sheath with a white long trench over it.


White is great for giving a sharp, crisp feel to your look. And it’s a great tool to balance visual weight in your silhouette. If you have full hips and smaller bust, a white top can give more visual depth to your top half and balance your overall look.


And let’s just settle the age old debate now, yes, you can wear white year round. It’s all about picking the right fabrics and pairing it with the right pieces and accessories to keep it looking fresh, modern, and seasonally appropriate. ;-)


Psychology of Red, White, and Pink Image Consultant Houston




The combination of pink and red, pink is known for it’s calming, warm, feminine, and gentle properties.


If you want to show compassion, perhaps in a difficult conversation with a colleague, employee, etc, pink is a great color to wear. To be clear, wearing pink doesn’t necessarily make you a more compassionate person outright. If you are considering that message as you are getting dressed, of course you will automatically be more compassionate because it’s where you’re focusing your attention.


If you find you’re not being taken seriously at work, limit the amount of pink you work into your wardrobe. Especially if you are one of the youngest in your office. You don’t have to eliminate it completely! Darker, bolder pinks in a work appropriate silhouette help keep your look professional.


Psychology of Red, White, and Pink Image Consultant Houston Wearing Pink to Work


Menswear is such a hot trend right now. Pink is a great color to incorporate with sophisticated cuts and styles to keep the color work appropriate and to keep the menswear looks balanced.


HOLIDAY STYLE TIP: Holiday dressing tip no matter what the holiday: if you want to dress with a nod to the holiday but not look too on-the-nose, pick one of the colors and build an outfit around it – like all red tones, pink hues, or various textures of white. You can incorporate pops of a second holiday-specific color to give depth and interest to your look.


The influence of the colors you wear is most felt in that initial interaction, impression you have with someone. Want to know what some of the other colors mean? Sign up on my newsletter to learn about the influence of more colors you can work into your wardrobe!