How to Personalize Gift Card Gifts

Some of the best gifts are the hardest ones to fit under the tree. Personalizing gift card gifts is a nice way to level up the presenting of your thoughtful and fun gift on the actual gift-giving day! Here are a few ideas on how to personalize a gift card gift in style.

How to personalize gift card gifts image coach houston

Pair It With Something

A small gift to pair with the big gift is a nice way for your recipient to have something physical in their hand. Buying a cooking class? Gift a fun mini spatula set or a kitchen gadget they don’t have and would love. A nutmeg grinder, a Microplane zester, or a nice salt/pepper grinder are all great kitchen gadget gift options!

Gifting a Signature Style Closet Edit or Personal Shopping session? Add a fun pair of statement earrings or a set of velvet hangers or some fun closet organization tool.

Tickets to an amusement park? A tiny Lego roller coaster set or, if it’s a Disney park, Disney ears or one of the 1000s of Disney paraphernalia to choose from. Lol.

Gifting a trip? A travel cocktail kit, a travel makeup bag, or a sleep mask are all great items to have gifted along with the announcement!

Giving an art class or something equally creative? A set of paintbrushes, calligraphy markers, or a nice set of pencils are all easy items to wrap to share the big gift!

Present It In An Unusual Way

How to personalize gift card gifts image coach houston

Of course as an image consultant, I’m going to say presentation matters! First and foremost, wrap it if you can! Signature Style Gift Cards come wrapped and ready for gifting for that very reason.

If you aren’t sure what to do with the piece of paper often given with experience gifts, here are a few ideas.

Write a simple poem that shares the surprise. Creating a scavenger hunt of sorts that ends in the gift – especially fun if the experience is adventure and travel related.

If not gifting on Christmas morning, take the recipient to a restaurant related to the gift.

I’ve always been a fan of the mismatched box size to the gift. LOL. Wrap a huge box to share the small paper or do a series of boxes with the final boxes being the actual gift.

One note of warning, while it may seem funny at the time be careful about using a name brand box (say a lovely robin’s egg blue Tiffany’s box) to wrap the cooking class gift card. It may not garner the response you were hoping for with your thoughtful gift. Ha!

Replica of the Gift

I have always wanted to play the cello. Last year, my husband thoughtfully arranged all the details to make that happen. When it came time to open that experience on Christmas morning, he had found a tiny cello in a case on Amazon and wrapped that as the replica of the gift. I loved it!

If you are giving a commemorative something or sponsoring an animal/child/building/etc a mini version of the thing – a stuffed animal, a brick, etc. are fun options to wrap and have under the tree.

I hope this has inspired your creativity with ways you can personalize gift card gifts this holiday season! No doubt you have an already wonderful gift in mind – here are the final pieces to take it right over the edge into winning Christmas!

And if you still don’t have the perfect gift yet, let me gently suggestion a Signature Style Gift Card. They don’t disappoint!

Happy Gifting!