Conversation – Getting it Started

The social whirlwind that is the holiday season is upon us. Parties with friends, work events, time with family, and a dozen other reasons to step up your conversationalist game. I LOVE a good party. I love meeting new people, learning new things, hearing interesting tidbits about people’s lives, discussing what’s happening in [...]

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Tips on Tipping!

How much should you tip at the salon? On vacation?  At home?  What about during the holidays?  My recent Great Day Houston segment helps clear up some of the grey areas – tipping plus some fun gift ideas for those that help keep your life running smoothly!  Check out the segment below or [...]

2016-01-14T15:20:27-06:00December 17th, 2013|Etiquette|

It’s Party Time!

I had the pleasure of appearing on Great Day Houston this Monday to talk about one of my favorite subjects: parties!   From the RSVP to host/wedding gifts to what to wear to how to socialize and gracefully leave a conversation, we covered the gamut of how you can be the perfect guest. [...]

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10 Feet Below: Lessons from the Trail

My front tire is perched at the edge, mere inches from the steep drop. It’s impossibly steep. From where I am standing, I cannot even see the bottom.  Instead, all I can see are my friends standing safely atop the other side of the ravine.  They’ve all dropped into the bottomless pit, defied certain death, and ascended unscathed. [...]

2016-08-22T22:44:23-05:00April 9th, 2013|Etiquette, Life|
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