Let Me Introduce You

You’ve been there before, if just for a moment. You find yourself at a networking event, sales meeting or party where you aren’t familiar with those in the room.  Perhaps the host or facilitator started off by introducing you but then left you on your own, or perhaps you walked in cold, completely [...]

2015-04-21T15:39:25-05:00February 19th, 2013|Branding, Etiquette|

Business Card Mania – Managing the Avalanche

Whether you are in sales, a word-of-mouth business, looking for a job, or simply looking to connect with other professionals, you probably attend a lot of networking events. If not, you should. Rather than go on a tangent about the importance of networking (we’ll save that for another post!), let’s talk about a necessary, often undervalued, detail [...]

2014-03-20T22:08:38-05:00February 12th, 2013|Branding, Etiquette|
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