The Super Bowl of Style 2016 is officially in the books! We could talk diversity controversy,  Chris Rock, politics, global warming, Lady Gaga’s moving performance, and Leo finally taking home the gold, but I’m going to stick with the fashion of the night. ;-) Overall it was a pretty quiet year on the red carpet – did anyone else feel like we spent two hours looking at the same twenty people?! Click through to see my top picks for best and worst dressed!

Oscars 2016 Best and Worst Dressed Personal Stylist Natalie Weakly

Best Dressed

In no particular order…

Cate Blanchett consistently looks stunning on the red carpet and this was no exception. Her sea foam green gown was beautiful and beautiful on her. The embellishments were striking without being over-the-top and her hair, makeup, and accessories were perfect compliments. Loved this look!!

It’s always a good idea to knock your first red carpet experience out of the park. Brie Larson looks absolutely perfect in this bright navy Gucci dress. The embellishment highlights her tiny waist, and the transparent trim is very on-trend. But the best part? Navy goes beautifully with gold. ;-)

I love everything about Naomi Watts’ look. The color and detailing is stunning, it’s perfect for her figure and coloring, and the beautiful Armani dress definitely has that “wow” factor you expect at the Oscars.

Some of you may disagree with me on this one but Kevin Hart was one of only about four guys who ventured away from the standard black tux for the evening. It’s a lot of bling but it matches his bright personality.

Don’t get me wrong, Eddie Redmayne still looks dashing in his “standard” black velvet Alexander McQueen tux, too. ;-)


At the risk of this list getting too long, Charlize Theron was gorgeous in red (when is she not lovely?) with perfect accessories , Olivia Munn was sophisticated in her orange one-shoulder gown, and Nina Dobrev were stunning in her flattering embellished gown.

On the Fence

I’m on the fence about Rooney Mara. The styling was perfect in that her hair, makeup, and gown all go together well and it’s a flattering dress on her. The sheer nude look is very in both in gowns and in bridal event styling. The distracting-from-the-front tiny bun, the ruffles at the bottom, and the white shoes threw it off for me. What do you think? Did I get it wrong?

Worst Dressed

While Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have a history of acing the red carpet, this was a huge miss for me. This heavy black gown felt matronly, added unnecessary weight, gave her a square figure, cut off a few inches of height with it’s too-short gown hem length, and even though she tried to bring in some interest with her jewelry, lacked the personality I would expect from a larger-than-life personality such as herself!

If anyone was going to come close to pulling this dress off, it was going to be the lovely Heidi Klum. I wanted to like it. I liked Gwenyth Paltrow’s pink flower last year but in the end, I just can’t get next to this one. There is A LOT going on with this Versace dress and not much of it is flattering. It’s side heavy with all the embellishments and billowing sleeve on one side as well as being ill-fitting at the bust. Add in the ombre shades and we have a miss. That being said, her perfectly toned bare arm has me lifting weights in between typing.

The pleats on Olivia Wilde’s dress were indeed beautiful and had such great movement but the love ends there. From the basket-style top hem of the skirt on up this was not my favorite dress though it did spark a lot of conversation about fashion tape and bikini spray amongst our group.

I was so excited when I first saw Kerry Washington on the red carpet. She is so stinkin’ beautiful, her hair and makeup were flawless and the leather had me intrigued. And then I saw the whole look. :-( It goes way to costume-y for me and completed missed the elevated mark expected at the Oscars.

What did you think? Which looks were your favorites? Comment below or jump over to Instagram and Facebook to weigh in!